Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017
Stretcher X

Our Stretcher X designed by Peter Rojc and constructed by Dejan Strelec together with the team at our client Novak M has been awarded a Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017.

This marks the second Red Dot Award that Wilsonic Design has received in collaboration with Novak M.

Just what makes the Stretcher X so special?
The key advantage is its innovative diagonal shape, which enables optimal access to X-ray devices from all sides of the bed and is the main reason why moving emergency room patients from one stretcher to another is no longer an issue. The large lying area, permeable for X-rays, and the stretcher’s entire design set new standards in the development of hospital trolleys.
The need to save time in the emergency room was first and foremost on the team members' minds when they developed the new Stretcher X. It not only offers the best solution for medical staff to work faster and more efficiently, but it helps them to save lives because now they only need to use one hospital stretcher for everything: quicker admission, smoother transportation around the hospital and seamless X-ray examinations of emergency patients.
When every second counts.